15 June, 2021

Thank you Edward De Bono

Edward’s passing this month, this very sad loss, has impacted so heavily and sadly on people and organisations the world over. There is enormous appreciation and gratitude for all Edward gave to our world.

More broadly known as the Father of Lateral Thinking, this man, brother, husband, father, grandfather, friend, teacher, thinker and man of action too, enabled positive life changing ways for exploring alternatives, problem solving and decision making. Edward was also a wonderful, selfless man with a great sense of humour too and will be greatly missed.

His timeless legacy will always provide accessible support and inspiration for those determined to be the best they can be and provide so much for the greater good. Dr. de Bono will always be regarded by many as the leading authority in creative thinking and the teaching of thinking as a skill. His interest in the use of thinking as an everyday skill needs to be reinforced in a world where instant gratification with little regard to the value of thinking has become the norm.

Edward de Bono has been a constant source of inspiration, provocation and delight at International Conferences on Thinking over the decades of this powerful event and didn’t hesitate in accepting the invitation to present at the upcoming ICOT in Melbourne, Australia. His physical presence there will be very sadly missed but the presence of his life’s work will be there in many forms and as you revisit and also meet Edward’s very recent work, you will savour what is possible when integrated into your life and if Edward is not already a part of who you are and how you function, you will find what a positive difference this can create. His timeless legacy so openly shared for the greater good, will continue to benefit our changing world.

While written many years ago and in a very different context, the following quote resonates with me at this time too.

“A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.” Edward De Bono

ICOTs will continue to validate that Edward de Bono’s life is a blessing.

Thoughts and prayers are with Edward’s family.

Karin Morrison

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