Aixa Pérez-Prado

Aixa Pérez-Prado is a writer, illustrator, translator and faculty member at Florida International University. She has worked as a cross cultural trainer and teacher of teachers in pedagogy for linguistic and cultural minority students in the U.S., Costa Rica and Morocco. Her research interests include multilingualism and identity, love and language, peace linguistics, and teaching language through critical thinking. Her ‘Thinking Café’ ( is a website, blog, and series of workshops devoted to promoting critical thinking and exploring thoughtful communication and empathy across cultures. Aixa is an aspiring children’s book author and illustrator who writes for children in Spanish and English and translates in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Her latest academic book, LAF with the Habits of Mind: Strategies and Activities for Diverse Language Learners (2021) explores language acquisition friendly learning that promotes critical and creative thinking, as well as providing interactive teaching activities for language learners. Aixa’s author/illustrator website is

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