Annelies Hoogland 

With twenty years working as a school leader in 
the Netherlands, Egypt and Thailand, Annelies has experienced a most privileged leadership and learning journey. Immersed in a global perspective of thinking and learning, her leadership quickly transformed from that of Principal to a Leader of and for Learning. This transformation has infused all her work with leaders and school educators across the globe.

As a Leader for Learning, Annelies orchestrated opportunities for growth and change through a learning vision, talking with students about their learning, and actively seeking out opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues around student thinking data.

Annelies ensured that school improvement processes rested on research and practices that showed evidence of how to improve learning. Learning became the heart of everything; the lens through which all processes and decisions were made. What became most evident to Annelies was the power of student voice. Their stories of learning empowered teachers to think differently about their teaching, and transformed the work of leadership.

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