Electra Frost

Electra Frost is a public accountant specializing in accounting systems, processes, and tax planning for SME businesses and start-ups. 

As a co-founder of Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd, an Australian charity focused on technology adaptation for those most at risk of falling behind, she encourages accountants to study and apply Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. 

With 16 years of continuous innovation within her own practice, Frost is now not only at the forefront of merging decentralization technologies with accounting but also pivoting her practice to ElectraFi, with services to help accountants navigate their clients' transitions into digital asset business models.

In 2024, Electra is leading a Web3 project for verifying CPE and CPD credentials called CREDU, which may revolutionize how accountants collaborate and compete globally. 

Her work with The School of Bitcoin and Stacks Australia, affiliation with Blockchain Australia and advocacy for reporting ESG benefits of Bitcoin mining underscore her commitment to the ethical and sustainable advancement of the accounting profession in the era of Web3.

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