John Edwards

For the whole of his life John has been a researcher.

In the 1960’s he researched steelmaking and solid-state galvanic cells. In the 70’s he studied cognitive development in children across ASEAN and Indo-China countries and researched thinking in his own classrooms. He presented this in-class research at the first ICOT in 1982.

Inside universities for 20 years John became one of the leading research grant recipients in cognitive science in Australia. He focuses on practical competence and professional artistry. John’s work is in use across twenty countries. 

He co-authored Schools That Deliver in 2016 and is currently co-authoring a new book Rediscovering the Joy of Teaching. 

For the last 25 years John has been one of the few international researchers on thinking to have turned his research into award-winning results in education, in the corporate world and in high performance sport.

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