July, 2023

One year forward from when this newsletter was written, hopefully many of you will be meeting face to face, chatting over coffee after the last session you joined at ICOT in Melbourne.  Will this lead to further conversations, new actions you will take to move further ahead with plans in mind, or were working on before the whole world changed for the worse in the ways it has affected you wherever you are? Or will you be excited by something new that has more than a remote possibility of becoming a reality?  This is exactly how many collaborations that led to exciting and fulfilling new ventures began!

Fortunately, many of the presenters who previously accepted the invitation to present at Melbourne ICOT have been very flexible and will be presenting on these confirmed dates for Melbourne ICOT 2024. Greatly appreciated and valued! These and new presenters will be sharing one or more of the following: experiences, research findings, consequences of actions taken, new ideas, innovations responding to changes taken place and more! I wonder if the person you will be chatting with over coffee will be one of these people who had already inspired you or someone you have wished you could meet?

Looking forward to meeting you too in Melbourne next July! 

Karin Morrison

“Maybe the art of life is to convert tough times to great experiences: We can choose to hate the rain or dance in it.”- Joan Marques

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