Mark Williams

Dr Mark Williams - Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Best Selling Author, Director of Rethinking the Brain and Co-Founder of Brain Camp.

The most important asset in any organisation is…the brains of your people! Mark draws on his extensive scientific background to work with organisations to develop evidence-based practices using neuroscience to improve productivity, innovation and mental health. 

He regularly runs programs on the neuroscience of learning, the neuroscience of emotions, neuroscience of communication, how to hack your habits, how our brains create our reality, and the impact of modern technologies on our brains.

Mark is a professor of cognitive neuroscience, with over 25 years experience conducting behavioural and brain imaging research focusing on our social skills and how we learn. He has received numerous awards for teaching and research, taught the fundamentals of neuroscience to a wide range of students, published more than 70 scientific articles, and worked at MIT (USA) and multiple universities in Australia. 

Mark’s new book “The Connected Species: How understanding the evolution of our brain can change the world” is a #1 Best Seller and his work has been highlighted in the media both locally [e.g., Channel Ten, Channel 7, ABC, SkyNews, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age] and internationally [e.g., The Guardian (UK), New York Times (USA), Economist, New Scientist, Leading Edge, (BBC: UK), Science in Action (BBC; International)].

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