October, 2023

On the edge of………..?

When updating the news here not so long ago, who could imagine how much would change in such a relatively short time?

Do questions and puzzles keep coming to the forefront of your mind when thinking about what could happen next?  With so much uncertainty, fear and anxiety can’t be dismissed easily. But our minds and bodies don’t need to stop there or let those take over. There are no certain answers to  questions about the unknown, but what are you wondering about? What can you do to help keep your mind focus more clearly and your body healthier so you can move forward with more hope and direction than you have now? Can you continue to do what is really important to you? And what is important for the greater good? How? What can be done  to meet the Sustainable Development Goals? Who and what can you trust?????

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” C.S.Lewis.

This is where Melbourne ICOT is now. The need for the  interconnectivity of the strands in this ICOT is becoming even more evident than before and over time you will see in this website how this ICOT  is changing with new speakers and thoughts from now so together with you we can think, create,  grapple with ideas and possibilities and consider what steps we take  with the question, “We are on the edge of……..?” as we move forward purposefully and with hope.

Endings often lead to new beginnings.  

The closing of ICOT in Melbourne will the ending of an event that is being developed with thinking, discussions, research, drawing on experiences and actions to provide opportunities to foster open-mindedness, broaden and deepen thinking, moral courage and willingness to change when confronted with new challenges and be the beginning of what  may have been on hold,  or exploring further possibilities and new ideas and taking actions for a better future. Please send questions and puzzles that keep coming to the forefront of your mind when thinking about what could happen next here.                                                                                                               

Thanks, Karin

“One should not leave the world as it is.”  Korczak, J.

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