Patrick Newell

Since arriving in Japan in 1991, Patrick has focused on creating the future we wish to see, by creating learning programs and environments for learners of all ages to develop future skills while meeting government education standards.

Learning and learning environments require creative exploration off and online to prepare children for their future.  Patrick felt schools were cheating their students out of their future and stuck in the 20th Century, which had to change. 

With many dedicated educators and parents, in 1995, Patrick created Tokyo International School(TIS) for his two daughters as an alternative/progressive school which became a model school.

In 2005, TIS became the first Apple Lighthouse school(now called ADS) outside of the USA to integrate a 1:1 laptop program to support their learner-centered and inquiry project-based curriculum.

Patrick was invited to share his knowledge in different capacities worldwide. He joined the New England Association of Schools & Colleges Accreditation Think Tank. He had the honor of reviewing and revising the accreditation model for 1,800 schools worldwide.

Patrick was instrumental in ensuring that the 21st Century Skills were integrated into this model.

Patrick became a professor of Science, Technology, Innovation, and the Future of Human Existence and The Art of Communicating a Vision and Ideas courses taught at Shizenkan University. Shizenkan University offers a Master of Business Administration in Design & Leadership for Societal Innovation.

He also became an advisor for Jiyugaoka Gakuen, which reignited his passion for developing Social, Emotional, and Behavioural Skills inside and outside the classroom. 

In 2022, Patrick became Co-national Project Manager for OECD Survey for Social and Emotional Skills in Japan.

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