Teina Moetara

"He tata ā runga, he roa ā raro" - The sky is closer than the journey forward. Taharakau - Rongowhakaata Chief 1680s 

Teina is indigenous to the Rongowhakaata people of the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Significant, as being the first peoples of New Zealand to collide with James Cook, an encounter that left nine people dead, and the area renamed by Cook as Poverty Bay. 

Teina grew up through the 80's, when cultural resurgence was at its height. 

He is an accomplished composer and performer in Māori Performing Arts, and trained as a primary school teacher delivering in the Māori language. 

In 2004 Teina joined the Australian cast of The Lion King.  He later taught at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School.  It was there in his role as a cultural translator he began to directly shape learning through the lens of his upbringing, and the engagement sequences of his people.  

These frames have a specific signature that link the context of place, identity and relationship into a co-ordinated response.  As every aspect of the Māori world view is metaphoric, the frames can be translated for any person regardless of ethnicity, gender or culture. 

Teina, alongside his wife Ngapaki, are interested in the way people meet, meeting as a practice, and not an aspiration.  The sky is indeed closer than the journey forward.

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