The International Standing Committee

ICOT’s original International Standing Committee was a small group of people who established what is now known as the International Conference on Thinking (ICOT).

ICOT has enabled the sharing of different kinds of thinking. It presents strategies, structures, research, ideas and the practical experiences of people who are internationally renowned and those whose stories have yet to be told to provide accessible learning opportunities in our complex, ever-changing world. Each member of this committee has convened or co-convened an ICOT in their hometown. These multi-disciplinary events welcome a wide variety of participants.

This committee reviews the proposals from prospective convenors and makes decisions regarding future ICOTs.

John Edwards
Managing Director, Edwards Explorations, Australia

Bengt Lennartson 
Emeritus Professor, University of Linkoping, Sweden

Karin Morrison
Educator, Children’s Rights Advocate, Australia

David Perkins
Emeritus Professor, Co-director of PZ Harvard University, USA

Jane Stewart 
Projects Manager (retired), Department of Education & Training, Victoria, Australia

Local Advisory Group

The local Advisory Group is composed of individuals who accepted the invitation from convenor Karin Morrison to assist in the planning and development of ICOT 2024. Each ICOT is unique because each convenor has the freedom to decide the theme, which presenters to invite, and the structure and design of that gathering within the guidelines that no speakers are paid and every conference be multi-disciplinary. This freedom and responsibility facilitates accessibility, diversity, local flavour and creativity, and creates a culture where new ideas sprout and grow, and where productive collaborations can form.

As the convenor of ICOT 2024, Karin Morrison values and appreciates the time, knowledge, ideas and support given by the following advisors to shape ICOT 2024.

Suzanne Crowe
Professor Suzanne Crowe is internationally renowned for her work on infectious diseases. In addition to the lengths the MCEC is taking to provide a COVID-safe environment for participants at ICOT, having Professor Suzanne Crowe working with us as our COVID-19 specialist advisor too, enables us to move forward with assurance that everything possible to enable all those able to be in Melbourne to safely participate in all ICOT events will be in place.

Annelies Hoogland 
A local educator with international experience that includes her being principal of the International School of Bangkok and principal of Cairo American College.

David Hummerston
Entrepreneur and director skilled in start-ups, business operations and business growth, travel management and event management.

Frederick Mendelsohn 
Emeritus professor at the Florey Neuroscience Institute at the University of Melbourne. In addition to his own achievements and contributions to medical research, under Professor Mendelsohn's leadership, the Howard Florey Institute has become Australia's largest neuroscience institute, recognised internationally for its innovative research. Professor Mendelsohn is also a member of the Nobel Prize winning ICAN team.

Kieran Nolan
Educational technologist, business development executive and co-founder of Rocket Shoes.

Rita Reichman
"Steinway artist" - recitalist, soloist, chamber musician, and pedagogue.

Ray Trotter
Leading Australian educator highly renowned internationally and changemaker for the good.

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