If you, your organisation and brand value open-mindedness and the power of what creative, critical, lateral thinking, understanding and taking purposeful actions can add to your life and/ or organisation, the 20th International Conference on Thinking, ICOT 2024, provides unrivalled opportunities to make your brand visible to influencers, change agents, decision makers and researchers across the conference strands. Whether your objective is to reach new audiences or simply to generate brand exposure and promote new products, ICOT 2024 can provide a sponsorship package that positions your organisation top of mind among leaders and professionals across diverse fields.

Your support and sponsorship of ICOT 2024 is vital in promoting understanding of the power of thinking and widely sharing renowned strategies and structures for thinking in the development of exploring alternatives, creation of original ideas and innovations and future development of new thinking and ideas for the greater good. We hope you will participate by taking up one of the excellent sponsorship opportunities being offered for ICOT 2024.

The packages highlighted in the prospectus are designed to allow partners to build their preferences, brand, and networks to maximise engagement with target audiences. Tailored sponsorship packages are also available to suit your objectives and budget.  

Facts and benefits
  • Expecting participants from across the world in the business, education, neuroscience, the arts, sports, government, globalisation, human rights, environment, and technology communities.
  • Showcase your organisations' products and services to a broad range of participants.
  • Strengthen your brand awareness with current and potential future clients.
  • Networking opportunities with leaders in the sector, keynote speakers, presenters and other sponsors.
  • Access to real time full data analytics.

Please email the ICOT team at info@icot2024.com for interest in sponsorship opportunities

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