The Strands

The interdisciplinary nature of ICOT 2024 provides opportunities to venture further from what you have traditionally leaned towards, and encourages you to do so. You are likely to be surprised as you find how interconnected things are, and can be, despite seeming to be worlds apart! Participants have the freedom to explore all the following strands throughout ICOT 2024 and later on too.


Human Rights 

What can be done towards enabling people to live as equals with the freedom to be themselves; live and work collaboratively respecting and valuing differences and learning from one another in a peaceful world?


What is working well now? Where to from here?
With advances in knowledge, technology, interconnectivity and innovation, what can enable businesses to welcome new ideas and practices with openness and flexibility while remaining true to their visions despite the world constantly changing around them?


What can be done to move education from its preoccupation with numbers, rankings and labelling and, together with students, foster creativity and deep thinking with learnings relevant that are transferable from school and outside school to day to day life for today and tomorrow?

The Body (Neuroscience and Well-being)

Neuroscience/cognitive, well-being, whole-being. What do we know about the brain, cognition and learning? And about building and maintaining healthy bodies and minds so we can optimise the opportunities for healthy, happy, active, fulfilling and productive lives? 


With remarkable speed in technological development, wonderful advances are made in so many fields. Does the new inter-connectivity and the speed of development and innovation present challenges too? 
What does technology make possible?
As more types of technology are developed, and the number of people using the technologies grows, how can we ensure technology is used responsibly?


With growing local and international interaction of many forms between individuals, countries, groups, businesses and governments, why isn't the world moving towards harmony and understanding? How can these interactions be leveraged with globalisation; a major factor in overcoming the growing challenges of today's world and building a peaceful future with trust, openness and collaboration?


The arts in so many forms is an expression and/or application of creativity and imagination that is so much more than creating beauty. Art is also a form of communication, and a transmission of culture and identity too.


Across many platforms, the keywords loud and clear today are environment and sustainability. Why is this so? Are we destroying our environment? How? Why? What can be done about this?


Do sport and thinking connect? How can we explore if, how and why there are connections between sport and thinking and what this means?

Interconnectivity is an ongoing aspect of the world we live in. When thinking about sports, are there connections between sports, business, the body, arts, education, environment, human rights, globalisation, technology?

What is the role of ethics and trust in all of these and co-creating a better future for all?

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